Receptionists, office services staff, legal assistants, IT staff, investigators, paralegals, interpreters, administrators, and attorneys all contribute to providing the highest quality representation to our clients. You will find no more dedicated, compassionate and talented group of people than at the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Central District of California. Together, with courage, commitment and strength, we stand up on behalf of our clients, the community and the Constitution.

Below is a list of our current staff members.

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Andrew Talai
Andrew Talai Deputy Federal Public Defender (213) 894-7571
Deputy Federal Public Defender
Los Angeles
Luisa Tamez
Luisa Tamez Deputy Federal Public Defender (951) 276-6136
Deputy Federal Public Defender
Keith Taylor
Keith Taylor Investeigator (213) 894-1734
Los Angeles
Jimmy Threatt
Jimmy Threatt Research & Writing Specialist (213) 894-2235
Research & Writing Specialist
Los Angeles
Leticia Tovar
Leticia Tovar Receptionist (213) 894-5067
Los Angeles
Joseph Trigilio
Joseph Trigilio Supervising Deputy Federal Public Defender (213) 894-7525
Supervising Deputy Federal Public Defender
Los Angeles
Ellen Turlington
Ellen Turlington Investigator (213) 894-5198
Los Angeles