Receptionists, office services staff, legal assistants, IT staff, investigators, paralegals, interpreters, administrators, and attorneys all contribute to providing the highest quality representation to our clients. You will find no more dedicated, compassionate and talented group of people than at the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Central District of California. Together, with courage, commitment and strength, we stand up on behalf of our clients, the community and the Constitution.

Below is a list of our current staff members.

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Elizabeth Dahlstrom
Elizabeth Dahlstrom CHU Chief (213) 894-7521
CHU Chief
Los Angeles
Natalie Degrati
Natalie Degrati Investigator (213) 894-3895
Los Angeles
Julia Deixler
Julia Deixler Deputy Federal Public Defender (213) 894-7550
Deputy Federal Public Defender
Los Angeles
Joyce Delaney
Joyce Delaney Paralegal (213) 894-5058
Los Angeles
James Delaney
James Delaney Administrative Assistant (213) 894-5311
Administrative Assistant
Los Angeles
Sofia Diaz
Sofia Diaz Administrative Assistant (213) 894-2643
Administrative Assistant
Los Angeles
Kent Dinh
Kent Dinh Office Services Clerk (213) 894-1896
Office Services Clerk
Los Angeles
De Anna Dove
De Anna Dove Social Worker (213) 894-7527
Social Worker
Los Angeles
Michael Drake
Michael Drake Deputy Federal Public Defender (213) 894-5355
Deputy Federal Public Defender
Los Angeles
Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll Deputy Federal Public Defender (213) 894-6624
Deputy Federal Public Defender
Los Angeles
Mark Drozdowski
Mark Drozdowski NCHU Chief (213) 894-7520
NCHU Chief
Los Angeles
Veronica Romero Do
Veronica Romero Do Branch Administrative Assistant (714) 338-4513
Branch Administrative Assistant
Santa Ana