Resources for Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Attorneys

This information is provided for attorneys who are members (or who are interested in becoming members) of the Criminal Justice Act panel (“CJA panel”) for the Central District of California.

The CJA panel consists of attorneys who are authorized to be appointed to represent indigent defendants in federal criminal cases in which the Federal Public Defender’s Office has a conflict of interest.  The Central District of California has separate CJA panels for trial attorneys, appellate attorneys, and capital habeas attorneys.

The Criminal Justice Act of 1964, as amended (18 U.S.C. § 3006A) (the”CJA”), requires each United States district court, with the approval of the judicial council of the circuit, to place in operation throughout the district a plan for furnishing representation for any person financially unable to obtain adequate representation in accordance with this section. The Court has established such a plan (the “Criminal Justice Act Plan“).

For current CJA panel attorneys who want access to internal resources provided by the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Central District of California, please visit the CJAnet intranet site.