The Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Central District of California provides this list of resources to assist our clients; their family members, friends, and the communities we serve.

The Clients and Family resources section includes information about what happens when someone is arrested on a federal criminal charge.  It also provides information about bail, and about the various jails and detention centers where our clients our housed when they are held without bail (including information about visiting policies and how to put money on an inmate’s account).  This section also provides information about community resources, such as drug treatment, mental health treatment, housing services, employment services, and legal services.

The CASA & STAR resources section provides detailed information about the Central District’s CASA (Conviction and Sentencing Alternative) and STAR (Substance Abuse Treatment and Reentry) Programs, which provide alternatives to incarceration in the form of intensive, court-supervision.

The CJA resources section provides for attorneys who are members (or who are interested in becoming members) of the Criminal Justice Act panels (“CJA panel”) for the Central District of California, including the CJA Trial Panel, the CJA Appeals Panel, the CJA Capital Habeas Panel, and the FPD/CJA Mentoring Program.  It also provides information about CJA training.

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