If selected, what does the CASA participant have to do in order to graduate?

Posted by on June 9, 2017 in CASA

All participants remain on their pretrial release bond during the CASA Program.  A standard condition of all bonds is to obey all laws, not use or possess controlled substances or alcohol, and report as directed to the CASA PSA officer. For many, this will also include drug testing, drug and/or mental health counseling and treatment.  Drug treatment can range from residential, to intensive outpatient and periodic individual and/or group counseling sessions, and twelve step fellowship meetings.  Other mental health counseling services may also be scheduled for a participant.

In addition to weekly reporting to the assigned PSA officer, participants are required to come to court as directed (i.e., weekly, every other week or monthly), actively engage in curriculum assignments, complete community service hours, and otherwise remain active in the community through work, school and/or on-going family obligations. It should also go without saying that the participants should not commit any new offense or otherwise violate the terms and conditions of their (bail) bond.