FPD-CDCA Staff Helps Prepare Dorsey High School Mock Trial Team

Posted by on October 28, 2016 in Press & Internal News

On October 27, 2016, Federal Public Defender Hilary Potashner and other attorneys and staff from the FPD-CDCA visited Dorsey High School in Los Angeles to help coach students participating in the Constitutional Rights Foundation Mock Trial Program.  This year’s Mock Trial Program case, People v. Awbrey, involved a restaurant owner accused of the human trafficking and false imprisonment of an immigrant laborer.  The FPD-CDCA team helped students practice and refine their motions argument, opening and closing statements, and witness examinations in advance of the competition.  Supervising Deputy Federal Public Defender Cuauhtemoc Ortega said:

“This event allowed us to step outside of the courtroom and our offices and connect with the local community.  It was great to work with young people who aspire to practice law, and to tell them about our work as public defenders.”

Check out the gallery of photos of the event.