Attorney Dinah Manning appointed as Director of Public Safety: Accountability & Oversight with Los Angeles City Controller’s Office

Posted by on January 17, 2023 in Press & Internal News

Deputy Federal Public Defender Dinah Manning has accepted an appointment as the Director of Public Safety: Accountability & Oversight with the City of Los Angeles Controller’s Office.

From the L.A. City Controller’s office:

Dinah Manning is a proud first-generation Salvadoran-American and African-American who hails from South Central Los Angeles. She is passionate about fighting for a safe, just, and dignified life for all Angelenos.

As a career public defender, she has devoted her efforts to fighting against the devastation the criminal legal system inflicts on vulnerable communities, representing indigent men, women, and child accused of crimes in state and federal court. In this capacity, she has analyzed the bedrock inequities in the American legal system, held prosecuting agencies to their constitutional burden, and interrogated practices of police misconduct.

By representing people involved in the criminal legal system, Dinah Manning brings a unique perspective to questions of public safety and a deep understanding of the complexities of criminal law enforcement.