Is STAR a Drug Court?


Yes.  STAR is a specialty court that seeks to help individuals who are on federal supervised release or probation and who are struggling with alcohol, drug or mental health issues.  Like other “problem-solving” or therapeutic courts, drug courts have been in state criminal court systems for over 25 years and they have had very good results – helping people to overcome their addictions, become productive, working members of our community, and not return to prison.  For more information on the history and track record of drugs courts, please see the 2016 edition of Painting the Current Picture: A National Report on Drug Courts and Other Problem Solving Courts in the United States.

STAR is staffed with District Court and Magistrate Judges, Assistant United States Attorneys, United States Probation Officers, Deputy Federal Public Defenders and a representative treatment provider.  Our program makes every effort to following the Ten Key Components as established by the National Drug Court Institute of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.